Iracema / Cinco Minutos José de Alencar

ISBN: 9788572322744

Published: 2009


154 pages


Iracema / Cinco Minutos  by  José de Alencar

Iracema / Cinco Minutos by José de Alencar
2009 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 154 pages | ISBN: 9788572322744 | 9.17 Mb

Iracema certainly occupies an important place in Brazilian literary history. Serialized in newspapers, it is one of the countrys first authentically Brazilian texts -- that is, its a story that could only take place in Brazil, could only be written by a Brazilian. This was not a coincidence: The author, José de Alencar, wrote in the time of political instability that followed the nations independence from Portugal, and with this and his other novels, he attempted to cultivate a sense of nationalistic pride, and therefore national unity.I cant say, however, that its a terribly good book.

Thats especially true now, almost two centuries later, when social advances have made it uncool to perpetuate myths of the noble American savage, the infinitely subservient woman, the womans body as a symbol of the earth, etc. No author in his right mind would write a book like Iracema today- it would constitute artistic suicide. Really, the book is about mestizaje, the combining of European and indigenous blood (and history, too, I would argue), and how modern Brazil is predicated upon and united by that mixture. Funny how Alencar, who for his time was so socially progressive, today reads like a patriarchal and racist artifact.A note: Despite my best intentions, I didnt read the whole book.

I read the first half, the last two chapters, and several chapters in between. More than was required by my Brazilian lit. course syllabus, less than I shouldve.

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